Folding Shelves Package - NV High Roof

Weight: 258.00 lbs Install Time: 3.4 hr
Item Description Qty
Partition - Perforated - Sprinter Std Roof, NV High Roof, ProMaster Std/High Roof
Partition Wing Kit - NV High Roof
Folding Shelf Unit - 48" W x 20" D
Folding Shelf - Extra Shelf - 36" W x 20" D
Folding Shelf - Leg

Kargo Master Folding Shelving


Our folding shelves fold flatter than the competition’s to maximize van interior space. Perfect for parcel delivery applications, they’re lightweight, easy to install and each shelf is rated to 150 lbs. Made out of aluminum, with uprights of powder coat finished steel for extra rigidity.

  • Strong - Each shelf is rated to carry 150 lbs. Uprights are powder coat finished steel for extra rigidity.
  • Light - Shelving is made out of lightweight and strong aluminum with rigid HolyPan base.
  • Compact - Shelves are easily positioned up and down to maximize van interior space
  • Guaranteed - Kargo Master Warranty

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