Sanitation Shield - Full Size Car / Crossover


Sanitation Shield

Protect drivers and passengers with these clear barriers.

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Sanitation Shield - Full Size Car / Crossover

The Sanitation Shield is a clear polycarbonate panel with two clamping headrest mounting brackets. This protective partition is a convenient and effective way of providing separation to help prevent the spread of infectious respiratory droplets. The Partition Shield is suitable for taxis, ride-shares, shuttles and fleets to provide greater safety conditions for both passengers and driver. 

Features and Benefits:

Separates the driver of the vehicle from backseat passengers to reduce person-to-person disease transmission, as recommended by the CDC. 
Made with clear and flexible ¼” polycarbonate that allows for different seating positions between passenger and driver side seats. 
All parts have smooth edges and rounded corners. 
Easy to install brackets, without drilling or damage to the vehicle. 
Adjustable panel position and angle allow for fitment in most passenger vehicles

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Professional installation recommended.

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