EZ Adjustable Shelving

Kargo Master EZ Adjustable van shelving units are among the most popular items ordered by our customers. These versatile shelves outfit any van and are great facilitators for any project you encounter. All of our shelving systems are adjustable, with security fittings to lock the shelves in place during transit. Our impressive shelving inventory is organized according to size and functionality, ranging from the 26” EZ Adjustable Transit Connect Shelf to our top-of-the-line 42-inch EZ Adjustable Cable Shelving Kit, and all of our equipment comes quick and easy to install.


  • Convenient formed shelf supports and permanent “pressedin” fasteners enable you to assemble EZ shelf units in only 15 minutes. Contoured end panels provide flush fit to van side, widest possible van aisle.
  • Contoured full steel shelf back provides additional strength and convenience.
  • Position the middle shelf to accept Kargo Master standard drawer cabinets, or select two other practical shelf heights. Or, install an accessory 4th shelf. Middle shelf height can be adjusted with shelf unit mounted in the van.
  • Each shelf comes with built-in 2” lips to contain cargo.
  • EZ shelving is thoughtfully designed to reduce noise and rattle.

Van Shelving System

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