KargoMaster Commercial Van Equipment

We believe you work hard enough. At Kargo Master we want to make your job easier – especially when challenges arise. Since the 1970s we have listened to your wants and needs. Our hallmark is to provide the best in truck and commercial van ladder racks, van equipment, and van shelving accessories. We offer streamlined styling without compromising strength or security. Materials like T-6 aircraft aluminum, heat treated steel, swagged joints, and polyester marine-grade powder coating keep our products strong, durable, and long-lasting for years. We offer our customers many options to meet their needs. We employ the highest technology to manufacture all of our custom Kargo Master van equipment and van racks. Our product lines include both commercial and personal grade rack systems.

Our van shelving storage systems include standard and tall shelving for all types of commercial van. Van shelving system can be upgraded with our accessories to maximize your storage spaces. Our van partition bulkheads and steel wire window screens and provide security to your van.

All of the Kargo Master products are built by our excellent staff using state-of-the-art computerized equipment and stringent quality control systems. Our truck racks, ladder racks, van shelving, lumber racks, and van roof racks are the best in the industry. At Kargo Master, we offer America’s best value proposition products.

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