Tall Roof Vehicle Drop Down Ladder Rack

  • kargo
  • November 6, 2014 5:06 pm
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Hello Working Van Professionals,

Kargo Master is proud to introduce a new line of drop down ladder rack designed to accommodate the taller roofs of the Ford Transit High Roof, Ram ProMaster high roof, and the Nissan NV high roof.

This ladder rack features extended lengths to accommodate  longer ladders.

The rack system itself is placed on top of an aluminum rail and is installed onto the factory avaialble holes of each van.Thus, enabling easier installation without any necessary drilling.

We have kept the dual hydraulic arm mechanism of our traditional double drop down ladder racks. And, we have also included the hydraulic spring mechanism that enables steady drops for the drop down’s arms.

To overcome the great high of the high roof vehicles, we have provided a removable handle bar system that is detachable and re-attachable to the rack system itself. This enables ground level control of the drop down mechanism.

Additionally, our racks come with our signature Kargo Master Life Time Frame Warranty.

These new High Roof Van Racks will be available by the end of November 2014!

Please be sure to check with a dealer near you!


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