Shelving Interior of Transit Connect

  • kargo
  • October 20, 2014 2:12 pm

Hello Work Van & Truck Equipment Professionals,

Our new transit connect 2014 shelving is available!

As you know, 2014 transit connect’s 2014 wheel well is covered with a plastic covering.

This means that shelving units can no longer mount over the wheel well and must mount in front of the wheel well.

This means if you set two 32″ shelving units on either side of the van in front of each wheel well, you will find your interior van width greatly reduced.

On 2013 or older transit connects, a 32″ can fit “over”¬†each wheel well and take up less interior middle space.

In order to keep a viable van interior width, some of our clients used alternative shelving configurations:

Below are a few examples:

In the above picture, the transit connect’s left side is covered in a 32″ shelving unit, a 26″ shelving unit, and a 3 bottle tank rack.

The 3 bottle tank rack sits at the end of the van before the door.

The 32″ shelving unit sits in front of the wheel well.

The 26″ shelving unit covers the left side door.

The total width is 69″.

So, the concept is; we fill up the left side of the van and leave the right side of the van clear. On a 2014 Transit Connect, if you install a 32″ in front of each wheel well, that will take up an additional 28″ of interior width space.

Additionally, the 26″ shevling unit, although it covers the left side door, can now be accessed from the outside. left door.

This is useful for professionals that require easy access to spare parts, nuts, or bolts.

Another popular configuration for the new transit connect is a back to back shelving center mount.

As shown in the picture, this configuration takes up the back center width of the cargo space. The 32″ shelving unit is facing the interior of the van right before the side doors and the 3 bottle tank rack and the 26″ shelving unit are facing the rear swing out doors.

The 26″ shelving unit and the 3 bottle tank rack are drilled into the van floor and also mounted to the 32″ shelving unit for additional stability.

This configuration is mostly used by professionals who wish to keep both their side doors open and still have additional shelving.

This leaves you with a nice space in the center of your van that is accessible from either side door.

We hope these pictures and suggestions give you an idea of how to arrange your new Transit Connect 2014 shelving systems.

As always, feel free to give us a call for advice, tips, or a Kargo Master dealer near you!

Contact us: (800) 343-7486

Till next time working professionals!


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